Offering the upfront benefits of a PSA, it fully cross-links into a hard-set to securely lock your flooring in place. With its aggressive, permanent bond, RLX-100 handles the pressure of heavy rolling loads with ease. Our specification sheet is below!


  • Cure Time
    12 Hrs.
  • Light Foot Traffic
    0 Hrs.
  • Heavy Foot Traffic
    24 Hrs.
  • Heavy Rolling Loads
    48 Hrs.

                WHY USE RLX-100?

  • High moisture tolerance
  • Permanent, waterproof bond 
  • Ideal for heavy rolling loads
  • Immediate access to light traffic
  • Installs multiple flooring types 
  • Elastomeric bond
  • Excellent plasticizer migration resistance
  • Installs multiple flooring types 
  • Anti-microbial technology 

           Approved for the following floor types: 

Cork-backed hard surface, Cork underlayment, LVT/LVP, Rigid core (SPC/WPC/WSC/Etc.), Rubber (tile/sheet),  Sheet (felt-backed), Sheet (fiberglass), Sheet (heterogeneous), Sheet (homogeneous), Stair-treads (rubber/vinyl), VCT, & VET.