The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts


Discover our range of high-quality adhesives designed to meet all your flooring needs. From resilient flooring to heavy rolling loads, our adhesive products ensure a strong, durable, and long-lasting bond.

Adhesive, Cleaner & More

Our product range includes the following:

RLX-100 Adhesive

High moisture tolerance. Permanent, waterproof bond ideal for heavy rolling loads Immediate access to light traffic installs multiple flooring types, elastomeric bond. Excellent plasticizer migration resistance installs multiple flooring types anti-microbial technology

RLX-110 Adhesive

Unlimited moisture protection (porous slab) No moisture or PH testing required Permanent, waterproof bond 1-step installation Faster construction timeline 6-hour cure (heat weld, wet mop, strip/finish) Rapid occupancy times Extreme heavy rolling loads Installs multiple flooring types Sound control (IIC, STC) Anti-microbial technology

Premium Double Sided Tape

This high-quality tape features a natural rubber-based adhesive on both sides, offering unparalleled bonding strength. It’s specifically engineered for securing rubber rolls and mats, making it a perfect fit for both home and commercial gym environments.


This innovative cleaner is specially formulated to conquer the unique challenges of rubber floor systems. Its powerful composition effortlessly removes wax and floor finishes, showcasing its strength in tackling tough stains and build-ups.

Why Choose Us?

Offering the upfront benefits of a pressure sensitive adhesive, it fully cross-links into a hard-set to securely lock your flooring in place. With its aggressive, permanent bond, RLX-100 handles the pressure of heavy rolling loads with ease.

Engineered for heavy rolling loads and challenging environments, RLX-110’s waterproof design forms an unlimited moisture vapor barrier and can also take the punishment introduced by topical liquids.



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