The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

RLX-100 Adhesive

Elevate your flooring game with RLX-100. Seamlessly integrating strength with convenience, RLX-100 promises a foundation that’s both enduring and efficient.


Unparalleled in its class, RLX-100 is the definitive answer to flooring challenges. From its rapid cure time to its resistance against heavy loads, this product is designed to ensure stability, durability, and user convenience.

Product Features

Swift Cure Time Ready in just 6 hours.
Immediate Light Traffic Accessibility Ready for light foot traffic in a mere 3 hours.
Rapid Heavy Traffic Readiness Built for heavy foot traffic in just 4 hours.
Geared for Heavy Rolling Loads Fully functional under heavy rolling loads after 8 hours.
Unmatched Moisture Protection Unlimited protection for porous slabs, with no need for moisture or pH testing.
Permanent Waterproof Bond Ensures a lasting connection.
Swift 1-Step Installation Simplifying the process to accelerate your construction timeline.
Sound Control Measures Incorporating IIC and STC for a quieter environment.
Anti-microbial Technology For a safer, cleaner surface.

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Why Choose RLX-100?

RLX-100 isn’t just another adhesive – it’s a revolution in flooring solutions. Apart from its impressive immediate utility like granting access to light traffic instantly, it also boasts features like anti-microbial technology and excellent resistance against plasticizer migration. Its elastomeric bond ensures flexibility, and the product’s compatibility with various floor types offers users a versatile tool in their flooring arsenal.

Offering the initial advantages of a PSA, RLX-100 takes it a notch higher by cross-linking into a hard-set, ensuring your flooring remains unflinchingly in place. The product’s aggressive, permanent bond means it’s adept at withstanding the pressure of heavy rolling loads effortlessly.

Flooring Compatibility

RLX-100 is versatile and designed to support a plethora of floor types including but not limited to:

  • Rubber Mats
  • Rubber Rolls
  • Rubber Tiles
  • Cork-backed hard surface
  • Cork underlayment
  • Rigid core (SPC/WPC/WSC/Etc.)
  • Sheet variations (felt-backed, fiberglass, heterogeneous, homogeneous)
  • Stair-treads (rubber/vinyl)
  • VCT & VET

More Information

For comprehensive details on RLX-100, including application methods, safety protocols, and procurement info.