The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

Premium Double Sided Tape

Experience Superior Adhesion and Versatility: Our Premium Double Sided Tape offers robust, natural rubber-based adhesive strength for a wide range of applications, from gym setups to sophisticated mounting tasks.


The Premium Double Sided Tape is a high-quality, reliable adhesive tape with a natural rubber-based adhesive on both sides. It is specially designed for securing rubber rolls and mats, making it an ideal choice for home and commercial gyms. However, its use extends to various other applications such as abatement tasks, containment projects, sophisticated display mountings, and other durable bonding needs.

Product Features

Size 3″x75′
Color Natural
Adhesive Rubber
Thickness 12.5 mil
Weight 2 lbs/roll
Lead Times Orders ship out in ~ 1 week or less.

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Why Choose Our Premium Double Sided Tape?

Our Premium Double Sided Tape stands out as the ideal adhesive solution, offering unmatched strength and reliability with its natural rubber-based adhesive, perfect for a myriad of applications from gym setups to critical containment tasks. It excels in versatility, easily applicable in mounting displays, splicing sheets, or securing gym equipment, all while promising high adhesion and moisture resistance. The easy-release poly liner ensures a hassle-free application and clean removal, making it user-friendly and efficient. Designed to perform in challenging environments, it boasts excellent shear resistance and withstands various conditions, ensuring lasting results. Moreover, we prioritize swift service, with orders typically shipping within a week, facilitating your projects without delay. This tape is not just an adhesive; it’s a dependable, versatile solution for your most demanding tasks.

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Flooring Compatibility

Here’s how the Premium Double Sided Tape is compatible with different floor types:

  • Cork-Backed Hard Surface: It provides a firm and secure bond for cork-backed hard surfaces, ensuring stability without damaging the cork layer.
  • Cork Underlayment: Ideal for floors with cork underlayment, the tape offers a strong adherence, enhancing the natural cushioning and soundproofing qualities of cork.
  • LVT/LVP: Perfectly compatible with Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks, this tape ensures a durable bond, essential for the longevity and maintenance of vinyl flooring.
  • Rigid Core (SPC/WPC/WSC/Etc.): The tape works excellently with various rigid core flooring types, including Stone Plastic Composite and Wood Plastic Composite, ensuring a robust and lasting adhesion.
  • Rubber (Tile/Sheet): For rubber flooring, whether in tile or sheet format, the tape provides a resilient and enduring bond, ideal for areas that experience heavy foot traffic.
  • Sheet Variations (Felt-Backed, Fiberglass, Heterogeneous, Homogeneous): Its versatility is evident as it effectively bonds with different sheet flooring types, ensuring a secure installation.
  • Stair-Treads (Rubber/Vinyl): The tape is particularly effective for stair treads made of rubber or vinyl, providing a non-slip, strong adhesive that enhances safety and durability.
  • VCT & VET: For Vinyl Composition Tile and Vinyl Enhanced Tile, the Premium Double Sided Tape offers a reliable solution that maintains the tiles’ placement and aesthetic appeal

More Information

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