The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

RLX-110 Adhesive

Experience superior floor adhesion with RLX-110. Uniting swift efficiency with unmatched strength, RLX-110 offers a foundation designed for the future.


Experience the next level with RLX-110, setting new standards for floor adhesive solutions. From its rapid cure time to remarkable resistance against heavy loads, RLX-110 ensures stability, longevity, and convenience in every application.

Product Features

Swift Cure Time Ready in just 6 hours.
Immediate Light Traffic Accessibility Ready for light foot traffic in a mere 3 hours.
Rapid Heavy Traffic Readiness Built for heavy foot traffic in just 4 hours.
Geared for Heavy Rolling Loads Fully functional under heavy rolling loads after 8 hours.
Unmatched Moisture Protection Unlimited protection for porous slabs, with no need for moisture or pH testing.
Permanent Waterproof Bond Ensures a lasting connection.
Swift 1-Step Installation Simplifying the process to accelerate your construction timeline.
Sound Control Measures Incorporating IIC and STC for a quieter environment.
Anti-microbial Technology For a safer, cleaner surface.

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Why Choose RLX-110?

RLX-110 redefines flooring adhesive solutions. It not only ensures rapid occupancy times but also boasts features like unlimited moisture protection, sound control, and rapid cure times. Its 1-step installation ensures a faster construction timeline, while compatibility with various floor types offers unmatched versatility.

Beyond its core features, RLX-110 offers an aggressive, permanent bond, making it ideal for environments that experience extreme heavy rolling loads. The fusion of versatility, strength, and speed makes RLX-110 the go-to choice for modern flooring needs.

Flooring Compatibility

RLX-110 is masterfully designed to support a wide range of floor types, including:

  • Rubber Mats
  • Rubber Rolls
  • Rubber Tiles
  • Carpet tile (hard and soft-backed)
  • Cork flooring
  • Cork-backed hard surface
  • Cork underlayment
  • Linoleum
  • Rigid core variants (SPC/WPC/WSC/Etc.)
  • Various sheet types (felt-backed, fiberglass, heterogeneous, homogeneous)
  • Stair-treads (rubber/vinyl)
  • VCT, VET
  • Walk-off carpet tile

More Information

For comprehensive details on RLX-110, including application methods, safety protocols, and procurement info, [click here] or engage with our dedicated product specialists.