The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts


GYMlogix is a leading provider of gym flooring solutions. We offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of gym owners, fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes.


At GYMlogix, our premier product offering is our line of durable and versatile rubber rolls, which are expertly designed for covering large areas in gyms and fitness centers. These rolls stand out due to their exceptional shock absorption capabilities, making them an ideal choice for environments that involve high-impact activities or heavy gym equipment. Not only do they protect the underlying floor, but they also provide a comfortable and safe surface for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Furthermore, one of the most significant advantages of our rubber rolls is their ease of installation and maintenance.

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All our products come with a comprehensive warranty, covering any manufacturing defects or installation issues. Please contact us for more details on our warranty terms and conditions.


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