The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts

The logical choice for performance flooring that lasts


Terms and Conditions

Order information

All orders will be scheduled for shipment within one business day after the date of order entry. All orders must be emailed, mailed or faxed to:
U.S. Rubber Recycling, Inc.
1231 South Lincoln Street
Colton, CA 92324
909.825.1288 fax
(833) U.S.  RUBBER (877.8223)

All orders are subject to acceptance by U.S. Rubber Recycling. Orders will be entered only after receipt of all necessary product information (see below) and payment terms are met.  Phone orders must be confirmed in writing by email or fax before they will be entered and released to the factory. Orders must include all of the following information to be entered:

  • Complete billing and shipping addresses
  • Product name, colors (if any)
  • Square footage and product thickness
  • Miscellaneous freight services, if any, and specific ship date request
  • Payment terms are met

Orders will be ready to ship on the date acknowledged, which will conform to our published weekly lead times.  On rare occasions, delivery and shipping schedules may result in actual shipping of orders at a later date.

Available factory capacity is filled by orders received and entered on a “first come, first serve basis.” If the published weekly lead time is not available for an order because capacity has been filled, the customer will be notified immediately and advised of the earliest ready-to-ship date.


All orders are considered firm orders once entered and are not subject to cancellation.

Credit Policy

For qualifying customers, terms are net 30 days. Merchandise is shipped F.O.B. Colton, CA, freight prepaid and allowed. Title passes to the customer upon receipt by the transportation company. Prices are subject to change without notice and all orders are accepted subject to prices prevailing at the time of shipment.  Distribution of these terms and conditions and/or of a price sheet does not constitute an offer to sell.

Past due accounts of 10 days or more are subject to being placed on credit hold until satisfactory arrangements are made. Any account that has an unpaid invoice which is 30 days past due will be placed for collection.  Notification will be sent at such time.  Such customers will be responsible for all collection costs in the event its account must be placed for collection.

All other customers are required to prepay their order in full at order entry.


If requested, orders cannot be acknowledged until complete information is received (see Order Information). Each order will be entered, scheduled into production and invoiced based upon information in the acknowledgement. It is the customer’s responsibility to check acknowledgements for accuracy. If any discrepancies are found, please notify a Customer Service Representative in writing via email. The acknowledgement is the final agreement between U.S. Rubber Recycling and the customer, superseding all previous communications, written and/or verbal, regarding the order.

Lead Times

Standard lead times are updated on a weekly basis. Please email a Customer Service Representative to receive current lead times.  Special requests to deviate from published lead times must be approved in writing by a Customer Service Representative.


U.S. Rubber Recycling has not made provisions for storage. If a customer is unable to accept delivery of product as scheduled, the customer has the sole responsibility to provide new shipping instructions and all costs related to the delay and/or storage of the product is the responsibility of the customer. U.S. Rubber Recycling is not responsible for the condition of product that is stored or installed in an environment where temperature and humidity are not controlled.

Installation and Maintenance 

Proper installation and maintenance of U.S. Rubber Recycling product is the responsibility of the customer. Unapproved adhesives, sealers and cleaners can result in permanent damage and is not covered under product warranty.

Product Design and Manufacturing Process

Designs in our product brochures and on our website are the property of  U.S. Rubber Recycling. U.S. Rubber Recycling reserves the exclusive right to produce and market them. Anyone who duplicates our designs or reproduces our designs or manufacturing process will be liable for infringement. U.S. Rubber Recycling retains the right to change, at any time, materials or manufacturing methods which, in our opinion, will improve our products.

Manufacturing Defects

Claims for manufacturing defects will not be entertained without prior inspection by a U.S. Rubber Recycling representative. Unauthorized deduction in payment of invoices will not be allowed without written prior approval by a Customer Service Representative.

25 Year Limited Warranty

U.S. Rubber Recycling warrants to the first purchaser for use that its merchandise is free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of twenty five (25) years from the date of invoice, provided that such merchandise is listed in U.S. Rubber Recycling’s current price list at the time of the claim and such defects are not the result of ordinary wear and tear or an Act of God. U.S. Rubber Recycling’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement, at its option, and such repair or replacement shall be the only remedy. U.S. Rubber Recycling is not responsible for damage due to transportation, improper handling, alteration, abuse or negligence. U.S. Rubber Recycling shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to, any expenses associated with the removal or installation of any defective merchandise covered by this warranty. With respect to flooring and underlayment, U.S. Rubber Recycling’s warranty is null and void if product is (i) stored for more than forty five (45) days or (ii) stored or installed in an environment where temperature and humidity are not controlled 24|7|365. U.S. Rubber Recycling makes no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE EXCLUDED.

Delivery and Freight Charges

Product pricing does not include freight prepaid charges. Such charges will be added to a customer’s invoice as a separate line item. If requested, a Customer Service Representative can provide a freight quote for one destination with accessorial charges, if any, prior to a customer placing its order.  Such quotes are valid for five (5) business days.

Inside delivery, unloading and installation are the sole responsibility of the customer. The delivery location must be equipped with a dock and be fully accessible to a 53’ tractor-trailer. The customer must provide all labor necessary to unload the shipment. The customer must make certain that entrances, elevators, etc. are adequate for large, heavy pallets.

Miscellaneous Freight Services

Accessorial services including, but not limited to, non-dock deliveries, residential deliveries and lift gate are not included in dock-to-dock “driver no touch” deliveries made Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm and there will be an additional charge for such requests. Any charges arising from failure to meet a shipment, rerouting while in transit, or carrier storage charges are not included in the freight charge assigned to a customer invoice at the time of shipment. Charges resulting from late deliveries beyond the control of U.S. Rubber Recycling are not the responsibility of U.S. Rubber Recycling.


U.S. Rubber Recycling reserves the right to select the most appropriate carrier and/or routing on all shipments. If the customer prefers to specify its own carrier, the freight will ship collect at the customer’s own expense via that carrier.

Shipping and Receiving Hours

Inbound and outbound shipments to and from U.S. Rubber’s factory in Colton, CA can be accepted and made from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm Pacific Time (PST/PDT).

Freight Claims and Damaged Shipments

U.S. Rubber Recycling takes great care in the packaging and handling of its finished products.  All U.S. Rubber Recycling products are carefully inspected, protected with well-engineered packaging, and expertly loaded from the factory dock. All shipments are delivered to the transportation company in good condition and U.S. Rubber Recycling’s liability ceases at that time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all products be inspected immediately upon arrival.  Do not refuse products damaged in transit, as U.S. Rubber Recycling is not responsible for damage that occurs in transit or storage.

If a shipment is received damaged, whether such damage is concealed or obvious, it is the customer’s responsibility to note the damage on the shipping receipt and contact a U.S. Rubber Customer Service Representative immediately in order to file a freight claim and commence the product replacement process. A delay in contacting U.S. Rubber may jeopardize a customer’s right to file a claim. If a shipment is delivered short, please note the shortage on the shipping receipt. If damage is not noted on the shipping receipt, the customer will be solely responsible for the cost of the replacement product and re-shipment.

The transportation company may not accept responsibility for damage if the customer signs the bill of lading “clear.” Notification of concealed damage claims must be made to the transportation company within five (5) days after delivery. All product and packaging material must be available for inspection.  Transportation company liability ceases after five (5) business days.


No product may be returned for credit, inspection, or repair without first obtaining factory approval and a return authorization number. No product will be accepted unless a return authorization number is referenced and return transportation charges are prepaid. All products being returned must be properly packaged in it’s original or comparable packaging to ensure the protection of the product during handling and transportation.

Sourced and Manufactured in California

The primary raw material for Survivor® SportFloor and ClearSight® Vegetation Control is post-consumer recycled crumb rubber, which is a derivative of discarded tires from California landfills. U.S. Rubber Recycling is California’s largest user of recycled crumb rubber that produces flooring.  We annually divert millions of discarded auto tires away from California landfills into our production feedstream.  The primary raw materials for QuietSound® Acoustical Underlayment are post-industrial recycled trim from U.S. Rubber’s manufacturing stream and California tire buffings. The other primary raw materials used in our manufacturing processes are a binder and treatment resin. Both are sourced from a single Southern California adhesive manufacturer.



Available in standard thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 15mm, QuietSound® Acoustical Underlayment provides optimal sound reduction while remaining impervious to the elements. Custom thicknesses are also available ranging in thicknesses of 4mm to 16mm. Acting as a crack suppression membrane, it resists compression while offering superior underfoot comfort. QuietSound® Acoustical Underlayment can be installed with the following floor applications: laminate, hardwood, engineered wood floor systems, carpet, and most ceramic and stone tile installations. Its primary raw materials are post-industrial recycled trim from U.S. Rubber’s manufacturing stream and California tire buffings.